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The Spine Institute or "TSI" is a premier mechanical diagnostic and treatment center for back and neck pain. Its primary service is an in depth and accurate mechanical diagnosis of the cause of back and neck pain.

Once the cause has been properly identified, a matching treatment plan is carried out by our expert staff. Treatment often includes modalities such as moist heat, ultrasound, massage, cold packs, and electrical nerve stimulation and dry needling but is most often centered around the proper performance of mechanical corrections and therapeutic movements. The purpose of these "exercises" is to un-pinch pinched nerves, relax spasming muscles, restore a slipped disc to its proper location, stretch something that is too tight, strengthen something that is too weak, or to correct the alignment of some mis-alignment. These exercises are carefully taught and given to patients to also perform at home empowering them with effective tools that they can use anytime they may need them. All this combined with an experienced, caring staff makes Meier & Marsh's Spine Institute the place to go for expert,non-surgical spine care.

Troy Marsh P.T., Cert. MDT, Cert DN is an orthopedic Physical Therapist with an advanced board certification on spine care from the McKenzie Institute USA and is the director of Meier & Marsh's Spine Institute.  He is certifed and trained with The Spinal Manipulation & Dry Needling Institute and the Duffy-Rath system of mechanical back and neck care. Board Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) with nearly 24 years of experience, Troy is esteemed as a leader in his field. He specializes in herniated disc correction, reversing sciatica, and restoring mobility and alignment and chronic pain. His gentle touch is excellent for alleviating neck pain and headaches.  Dry needling was added to his practice in 2014 and he was one of the first in Utah with this training. He is trained and certfied in the world-renowned McKenzie Method physical therapist and is the only PT in the area with this specialty.  He trained and was certified with Duffy-Rath Systems for musculoskeletal disorders. He has been a trainer for other clinicians, lectured for national safety conferences, consulted with companies locally and nationally.                    

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